We Understand Higher Ed

Are you effectively reaching your student recruitment goals? Does your website live up to your institution’s reputation? Is it suited to your staff’s needs?

Higher education institutions face unique challenges when it comes to building successful online experiences.

  • Rapid digital transformation—not to mention the move to online learning
  • Multiple stakeholders with diverse needs
  • A multitude of systems that need to be connected
  • A large amount of content across websites that need to be consolidated and optimized
  • The surge of activity at key points in the academic calendar

We turn those challenges into opportunities.

Collaborating to plan a website at Evolving Web

achieve digital independence


From strategy to execution, to post-launch support, Evolving Web’s technologists, strategists and storytellers take care of everything from start to finish, so you can focus on your core mission.


We build digital platforms that adhere to the highest standards of quality and security. By collaborating with all stakeholders, we ensure your site meets the needs of your students, staff, and alumni.

in-depth training

Evolving Web offers ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure your site stays up to date and runs smoothly.

Schools we've worked with

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Featured Case Study: University of Waterloo

  • Strategy for migrating 950+ websites to Drupal 9
  • Technical training for the web services team
  • Content governance and site owner onboarding
  • Helped create a simplified architecture for the new Drupal 9 platform

Featured Case Study: Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

  • Rebuild and redesign the website using Drupal 8/9
  • Showcase the School's research on international affairs to a global audience
  • Communicate the School's commitment to diversity, accessibility and inclusion
  • Part of our ongoing partnership with Princeton University

All-in-one Expertise

We understand the unique challenges of large and small institutions and we thrive to give you the tools and guidance to own and grow your digital presence.


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Discovery and Strategy

We'll assess your needs in-depth, help you map out audience journeys, and ensure we fully understand your vision. We'll also work with you to understand the risks and benefits of different approaches before making any decisions. We will orient our strategy toward making sure your website converts more prospective students into applicants.

Agile workshop board with colorful post-its

Design and Development

Our team will design, prototype, and build a user-focused platform that empowers your teams to deliver delightful, consistent, accessible content. This is especially beneficial for students because they will be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. This removes any possible barriers to entry that might exist on your current website.

Web design concept

Post-launch Support and Optimization

We are your partners throughout this journey. We provide training and support to help you get the most out of your new digital platform. Our team can provide on-demand support, help you troubleshoot issues, and optimize your site's performance. This includes ensuring your website is mobile-friendly for a great user experience regardless of what device people are accessing your website from.

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Why Choose Us?

Evolving Web has 15 years of experience helping higher education institutions connect and empower students and communities. This experience gives us a deep understanding of the needs of post-secondary institutions and the systems they rely on.

We have a long track record of success with higher education clients, and our team has a wealth of experience with the technologies and systems used by post-secondary institutions.

Higher Education - Why choose us

Our team is very happy with our partnership with Evolving Web. I'm very proud of the great work we've done together.

John Cloys, Web Manager
Princeton University

Partners in Your Team's Success

We don't just build websites. We make sure your organization has all the skills and tools needed to be fully digitally independent.

In addition to our role-based training programs for content editors, site builders, developers and more, we provide our partners with personalized support designed to meet each institution's unique needs.

You are amazing and knowledgeable teachers. I will be encouraging other Drupal members at U of T to contact Evolving Web for workshops.

Kaelyn Lindquist, Developer
University of Toronto

We Look Forward to Working with You

Higher education institutions face unique challenges when it comes to building successful online experiences.

  • Rapid digital transformation—not to mention the move to online learning
  • Many stakeholders with diverse needs
  • Multitude of systems that need to be connected
  • Large amount of content across websites that needs to be consolidated and optimized
  • Surge of activity at key points in the academic calendar

Rethink your school's digital strategy and join some of North America's leading institutions in partnering with Evolving Web.