Drupal Training Designed For Your Team
Custom Drupal training

Drupal Training Designed For Your Team

Evolving Web’s custom training gives your team the tools to own and grow your digital presence through real-life projects, live classes, on-demand resources, and dedicated support. Our expert trainers are there to answer questions so you can confidently deliver large-scale digital projects.


Learn from the Pros

Learn from the Pros

Our trainers are industry experts in technology, design, and content, and have experience working with clients across a wide range of industries. 

How We Help You Meet Your Goals

Meet Your Goals

Evolving Web acts as your partner collaborating with you so you have the confidence to grow your digital platform as your needs evolve.

Why Custom Training?

Why Custom Training?

Make effective use of your team’s time and investment with a curriculum that’s tailored to your goals and challenges.

When Should You Get Custom Training for Your Team?

It’s time to consider a custom curriculum if you need to:

  • Migrate to a new platform and need help building a project roadmap
  • Enable in-house experts to be able to train a larger group or update new team members with Drupal – don’t waste time chasing documentation and tutorials!
  • Work on overhauling your content and need a specialized content strategy, SEO, and accessibility training that’s adapted to your content 


How Evolving Web will Collaborate with Your Team

Our team takes the time to understand you and your goals and we customize your training to match your specific needs. We schedule a pre-training meeting with you to:

  • Understand your team’s use of Drupal and your larger goals
  • Get access to your actual environment to create exercises and examples based on real-life pain points
  • Gauge the experience and roles of your team to adapt the curriculum to their needs
  • Adapt the training to your specific workflows and infrastructure


Case Study

Learn how McGill University’s team of developers and content editors quickly upgraded their Drupal skills and achieved their Drupal migration goals through our custom training curriculum.

Evolving Web's Approach

A blend of learning and consultancy, Evolving Web’s training team will:

  • Help your content editors, developers, and other team members work more effectively together to reach your goals
  • Improve knowledge retention by bringing your team together to work in a cohesive way
  • Make your team more independent, reducing your need for external support
Evolving Web Training Tracks

What Topics are Covered

Content and UX Strategy

  • Content strategy and governance
  • Digital copywriting
  • User experience design
  • SEO, analytics, and measurement


    Drupal Expertise

    • Module & theme development, site building & architecture
    • Best practices for DevOps and development workflows
    • Migrating and upgrading your platform, accessibility & security
    • Decoupled architecture & atomic design

    Meet Our Trainers


    Adam Sofineti

    Adam Sofineti

    An experienced Web Master and content editor, Adam teaches others how to leverage Drupal to its fullest. With a "fix it" mentality and curious nature, he brings to the table his experience in web and user interface design, usability and SEO. 

    Kate Bundy

    Kate Bundy

    Kate is an experienced educator with a PhD from McGill University who will teach you how to improve the quality, engagement, and accessibility of digital experiences on the Web. Known for her positive and encouraging approach, participation is central during sessions, and all questions are welcome!

    Vuong Tong

    Vuong Tong

    Vuong’s extensive career as a design director touches everything related to design: branding, web design, motion, and product and service innovation. Vuong uses his design thinking to build digital products from the ground up through emotional and psychological lenses, while considering user needs.


    Dharizza Espinach

    Dharizza Espinach

    Dharizza is a senior Drupal Developer with seven years of experience in open-source development on large-scale projects. She has excellent knowledge of best practices in security, accessibility, and development.

    Firat Ikiler

    Firat Ikiler

    Firat is an experienced designer and front-end developer. He is an expert in accessibility design and implementation with 16 years of experience and has extensive knowledge in designing websites with best practices and design patterns that meet accessibility standards in Canada and the US.

    Annika Oesar

    Annika Oeser

    Annika is an experienced UX designer and researcher who has designed countless websites and apps. She helps organizations build intuitive web experiences with her strong creative and problem-solving skills, and has experience in a variety of UX design and research techniques.