Website Development for Government Agencies

While organizations in the private sector can target their audience, optimizing the website experience for the most profitable customer, government websites need to ensure all visitors are able to find the information they’re looking for. The  websites should focus on inclusion, accessibility and search. The focus should be around task completion, visitor satisfaction and engagement.   

Evolving Web works with government agencies to focus on:

  • User-centric architecture - organizing  content based on user needs and creating customized pathways for each audience
  • Search-centric - search experience with clear ways to help visitors quickly find the content they’re searching for
  • Accessibility - WCAG AA and AAA compliant websites need to ensure users of all backgrounds and abilities have access to the content
  • Multilingual - Fully multilingual content and interface in each official language
  • Inclusive design - a website that is representative of and speaks to all citizens
  • Prioritization of security and privacy


A group of people collaborating on website development for government agencies

Agencies we've worked with

Evolving Web has worked with national, provincial and local governments to create digital experience platforms oriented around the needs of users.
Canadian Blood Services logo
Alberta Urban Municipalities Association logo
Health Canada
San Francisco Department of Public Health
City of Montreal logo
FinDev Canada logo
Government of Canada logo
Grey County logo
Parks Canada logo
Tourism Quebec
Yukon Government logo
City of Ottawa

Featured Case Study: Tourism Quebec

  • Migrating the original site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8
  • Powerful custom search engine
  • An interactive trip planner
  • Chatbot implementation to assist visitors dynamically
  • Full multilingual capabilities
  • Audience-based content prioritization
  • Custom, fully searchable interactive map system


Yukon Government

  • Redesign and upgrade of the Yukon Courts website to Drupal
  • Development of accessible web content, following WCAG AA standards
  • Advanced search using Apache Solr, including fully indexed searching within the 7,000 documents
  • Support, maintenance, and improvements to


Customized Search

To ensure an optimized search experience, we work to understand the content prioritization, create search filters adapted to the habits of your visitors and customize the results ordering and show the most relevant content first.

Content strategy

By focusing on audience needs, we’ll work with your content team to help structure new content and streamline the process of adding this content to your CMS.

Website accessibility

To make the website accessible to as broad an audience as possible, we address accessibility during design, development, and QA. Our websites are built inline with the latest WCAG AA guidelines and AODA standards.

My team was very pleased with the training from Evolving Web. They now feel they have an in-depth view of Drupal and feel a lot more confident now.

Chantal Blanchard
Government of Canada

Flexibility Through an Open Source CMS

We build platforms that have the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing communications and digital needs. Leveraging an open source CMS, we develop flexible infrastructures that will keep pace and evolve as the needs of your constituents change and new services are brought online. It will be a tool that your staff use to effect change rather than a static website that is finished the day it launches.


Office Collaboration at Evolving web

A Collaborative Approach

Government websites are important hubs that need to meet the varied needs of their constituents. When building government websites, we take into account:

  • Search experience across a wide range of content and user needs
  • Content accessibility
  • An inclusive approach to design
  • User experience, tailored to the needs of constituents
  • Responsive, mobile-first design
  • Multilingual content and translation workflows
  • Security and privacy standards

Evolving Web will ensure long-term project success.

Together, we’ll create a streamlined solution that leverages your team’s capabilities and build a user-centric experience for your constituents.