Evolving Web is a professional home to several accomplished, determined, successful women. Our cofounder, Suzanne Degracheva, sent some words of encouragement to the staff on International Women’s Day, 2022:

“Shout-out to our strong, intelligent and talented women on the team. We are such a successful company because we have the best working with us. We are very proud to have you. Happy International Women’s Day!”

We not only see women’s contributions as valuable, but instrumental to success and leadership in technology. Here are just three examples of staff that have furthered Evolving Web’s brand for the better.

Artist and Perpetual Learner, Elena

Inspired by her artistic hobbies and multiple languages, Elena, became a top candidate for UX/UI Design.

a woman leans over her arts and crafts project.

“I am obsessed with “to-learn” lists,” she says. “Professionally, I’m focusing on building expertise in the UX field and developing my visual design skills. I’m looking forward to collaborating with the great designers we have on our team. There’s so much learning and inspiration coming from them.”

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Kushneet, Scientist at Her Roots

Kushneet wasn’t (just) hired for her sharp scientific mind, but also her ability to organize efficiently, think on her feet and pivot quickly.

 A woman sits on the edge of a fountain with a statue behind her.

“Scientific research trained me to be very diligent when it comes to note-taking and organizing information,” she asserts. “My master’s thesis contains between 80 and 90 references. That’s a lot of information to keep track of.”

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Social Activist, Aisha

As for Aisha - her empathy and passion for justice made her think her first career pursuit was Law. But it was her deep respect for diversity that led her to Recruitment.

 a woman smiles wearing a graduation cap

“Being able to live in so many different places and having such a diverse cultural background has not only taught me about how to be respectful and open to different cultures, but it’s also been essential in shaping me into the person that I am today.”

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