With ten years of Drupal development experience under his belt, Franz has a good sense of the hours, tools, expertise and approach needed to realize any given project. Taking into account the IT infrastructure that clients already have in place, he helps Evolving Web define feasible solutions and realistic estimates.

To this end, Franz uses data and established methodologies to provide not just a guess but a forecast. “My goal is to figure out the precise probability that a given project will fall within a given time frame and budget range,” he explains. In addition to computer engineering, he has also studied sociology, which he credits with giving him practice at organizing ideas and drawing conclusions.

Key skills include:

  • Software architecture
  • Web development (Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, etc.)
  • Web analytics (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc.)
  • Website auditing (security reviews, SEO assessment, accessibility compliance, performance optimization, etc.)

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