Englobe, a leader in environmental management, was looking to revamp their digital presence ahead of merging several of their websites.

The challenge was to find a way for the Englobe team to easily update and maintain their website without having to consistently bring in developers.

To bring their vision to life, Englobe reached out to lg2, a creative agency, to help with the redesign of their website. Evolving Web collaborated with lg2 to build a cohesive digital experience for the team. While lg2 was largely responsible for the front-end, we took care of developing a decoupled Drupal back-end.

The Englobe team came to us with a newly designed website, with a custom front-end built by creative agency, lg2. The challenge was to find a way for the Englobe team to easily update and maintain their website without having to consistently bring in developers. The result is a completely revamped content strategy and site architecture, implemented through a decoupled Drupal back-end.

Services: Web Design, Web Development

Detail of Englobe's homepage

About the Client

Englobe specializes in professional engineering services, environmental sciences, and soil and biomass treatment.

Operating out of 150+ locations, they work across various sectors including: transportation; commercial, industrial and real estate; community infrastructures; and energy and resources.

At the core of their approach are the protection of the environment and the creation of a more sustainable world.

Englobe's Sectors landing page


Englobe works in multiple engineering-related industries across the globe. And with that comes a lot of different audiences they need to communicate with. In redesigning their website, a top priority for the Englobe team was having a site that could speak to all their audiences in a way that is engaging and easy-to-understand.

Another goal was to showcase the company's projects and services to their expertise and value.

Englobe was in the process of unifying the websites of 14 of its subsidiaries into one, so it was important that the site design be able to accommodate this organization change and be easy-to-update as needed.

Englobe's Sustainability landing page


Englobe needed a site that was both robust and easy for their team to use and update.

One of the biggest hurdles that we had to overcome was that each of the 14 websites that Englobe was combining, often came with different language requirements that needed to be integrated into one cohesive experience.

Not only did content need to be translated to the appropriate language for the end-user based on their location, but we also had to be mindful of the fact that some content needed to be different based on location.

We needed to move quickly to understand their business, services, target audiences, and the locations they serve.

Englobe's website, mobile version


To address these challenges, we had to create a back-end solution that was tailored to Englobe's requirements and would be easy to manage in the future.

Since another team was responsible for developing the front-end on Nuxt.JS, we also needed to find a way to have Drupal's back-end expose content to that system. Essentially, we had to find a way for the data from Drupal to feed into the front-end.

To achieve this we:

  • Built a decoupled Drupal back-end for Englobe's new website, which allowed us to easily integrate the front-end and back-end systems
  • Took all content provided by Englobe and restructured it to be easy-to-display on the new site
  • Ensured that the Drupal back-end and Nuxt front end were both secure
  • Built a system that allowed end-users to choose their location and have the site display content relevant to them
  • Mapped content to specific endpoints on the front-end using a JSON API
  • Used an API connection to display available employment opportunities, filtered by location
Englobe's website, mobile version


The end result was a website that accomplished all of Englobe's goals—and more.

Not only did the site launch on time and on budget, but it was also able to:

  • Easily accommodate their 14 websites under one cohesive brand
  • Expose content to the front-end using a JSON API
  • Engage users with a more visually appealing and user-friendly design
  • Provide a comprehensive overview of their services, projects, and expertise
  • Allow end-users to see the most relevant and translated content based on their location
  • In short, the new Englobe website has exceeded all expectations and is helping them achieve their goal of being a leader in the industry. The relationship continues as we help them with on-going support, maintenance, and content updates.