At Evolving Web, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. Outside of organizing Evolve UX and Drupal events, helping individuals and teams expand their skills through our Drupal training programs, and being actively involved in the Drupal community (we recently spoke at DrupalCon Amsterdam and contributed to the Promote Drupal Initiative), we credit much of our success to the diversity of our team.

Good ideas and innovation come from a variety of sources, and we're proud to have built a multinational team and an open culture where ideas are freely shared. Aside from Canada, our employees come from countries as diverse as Vietnam, India, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, and the Netherlands. We're happy to be working with talented people who bring their unique experiences and skill sets to our growing agency every day.

From Meetup Attendee to Senior Drupal & App Developer

Robert Ngo at Evolving Web
Robert Ngo.

One employee is Robert Ngo, our senior full-stack developer. Robert grew up in a small city not far from the biggest city in Vietnam. Growing up, it was natural for Robert to learn French in parallel with English due to the colonial history of Vietnam. He moved to Saigon to study electronic engineering and progressed from low-level programming languages such as Assembly, C/C++ to higher-level ones like Visual Basic, .NET, PHP, and Javascript.

"It doesn't matter which language is more prestigious than the other," Robert says. "What matters is which language is needed to solve the problem."

Robert started working with Drupal in 2009. He was attracted to its flexibility and the vibrant Drupal community. After he came to Montreal, a city he always found charming, Robert started going to local Drupal meetups and was inevitably introduced to Evolving Web. It was natural for Robert to collaborate with us on projects, and not long after, he joined the team as a full-time developer.

Robert working at Evolving Web

"The Evolving Web team is very friendly and supportive," Robert says. "In particular, they're very strong in Drupal, so it's pretty easy to poke a colleague and ask them about a Drupal solution."

From Music to Drupal Development

Robert's experiences are similar to those of Jigar Mehta, a senior Drupal developer who comes from Kolkata, the City of Joy. Jigar's background spans sales, music, and multiple programming and spoken languages (he speaks 6½!). He became a developer in 2009 to make himself a better MySpace page to promote his music, and discovered Drupal in 2013. After a trip to visit friends in Malaysia, Jigar found he liked living outside of India and learning about new cultures. He was living in Colombia when he first saw the Evolving Web job posting for a Drupal developer, and thought that Montreal would be an interesting place to live and work.

Jigar working at Evolving Web
Jigar at work.

"Canada is filled with people from different cultures," Jigar explains. "I chose Montreal because it would give me an opportunity to learn French, another new language to add to my list." After impressing us during the interview with his creativity and love of working with Drupal, and working with us remotely for a month, we started the paperwork process and sponsored his immigration to Canada.

"Evolving Web is full of people from different cultures," Jigar says. "The company opens many doors and makes you see everything in a new way."

We Welcome New Collaborators

The Evolving Web team is rapidly growing. In recent months, we've hired team members from Turkey, France, Canada, and more.

We welcome collaborators from all backgrounds to apply to our Drupal developer opening and other open positions. In addition to joining a team of open-source enthusiasts and working on exciting projects, you'll live and work in Montreal, a city with a lively arts and tech scene. If you're not currently in Montreal, apply anyway! We love to meet more collaborators and are open to discussing how we can work together.

Looking forward to meeting you!

If you want to learn more about us and our culture, feel free to visit our careers section.