Drupal GovCon 2021 is a few days away. It's a major event for those who use, develop, design, and support Drupal focusing on government. Evolving Web is proud to be their sponsor in another initiative to promote Drupal in the government sector: later this month, we'll host a webinar about the future of web content in the Canadian government with Drupal WxT. Now let's check what awaits you at this year's all-virtual Drupal GovCon.

What is Drupal GovCon, and why attend it?

Drupal GovCon is a free 3-day annual event featuring a full schedule of government-focused sessions and trainings. These are great opportunities to learn about the latest improvements to Drupal, grow Drupal skills, and build stronger networks for attendees who work with the government and those from the private, non-profit, and education sectors as well.

Evolving Web will be present at Drupal GovCon 2021, of course. On Tuesday (13), our Co-Founder and Drupal Practice Lead Suzanne Dergacheva will present a session called "The future of content management: how Drupal fits into the landscape of digital experience platforms." In this session, Suzanne will talk about the role Drupal will play as a content strategy tool in a future in which Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) will be dominant. This is a shorter version of a webinar on the same subject Suzanne will be presenting on November 18.

👩‍💻 Can't make it to Drupal GovCon? Register here for our free webinar in November.

On Thursday (15), it's time for Suzanne to give a training about building more accessible websites with Drupal. You'll learn how to prioritize and evaluate accessibility issues and solutions in your website and leverage Drupal's out-of-the-box accessible defaults.

👩‍💻 For a deeper insight, enroll in our Drupal Web Accessibility training and download our Accessibility ebook.

We're very excited about Drupal GovCon 2021, and we hope you are too! See you there!

About Drupal GovCon 2021

When: October 13-15, 2021

Where: The conference will be 100% virtual.

How much: The event is free.

How to attend: Registration is needed to access the sessions and training. You can register here.