Introducing... Our New Web Fundamentals Training in Ottawa

We're really excited about our new Web Fundamentals Training which we've added to our training program this week.

If you want to get into Drupal development and don't have the pre-requisite knowledge, this is the course for you! It covers the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. We've had many students over the years who wanted to take our Drupal theming and module development courses, but didn't have a programming background because they require basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, programming. 

The Web Fundamentals Course isn't Drupal-specific, but it will teach you enough of the basics so you can start programming for Drupal. During the course, students will learn:

  • How HTML and browsers interact
  • How to write semantic HTML to structure web pages
  • CSS syntax and how to style HTML elements and create simple layouts
  • Basic programming concepts, like variables, expressions, functions
  • How to use PHP to make a web page dynamic, and how to run a PHP script
  • Javascript syntax, how to add javascript to a page, and how to use jQuery
  • The role of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP in building web pages

The course will be offered March 19-22 in Ottawa. If you're interested in taking the course online or in-person, please get in touch with us.