We're excited to launch our new Bootstrap 4 course this March in Montreal! Bootstrap is a popular front-end framework that provides a base of CSS and JS for your website's look and feel. It makes it easy to create responsive layouts and grids. It also has components you can use to build out responsive navigation, forms, modals, tool tips, buttons, and other common website elements. It's often used as a starting point for Drupal and WordPress themes. 

In addition to the Bootstrap framework itself, the training covers how to use the SASS stylesheet language in conjunction with Bootstrap to make your CSS more efficient. We'll also talk about modern CSS techniques and accessibility best practices. The course will appeal to designers and front-end developers who want to start using the Bootstrap framework to speed up their front-end development process. 

Bootstrap 4, the latest version of the Bootstrap framework, is now stable and ready to use for production websites. This updated version of Bootstrap has new features uses flex-box for building out layouts. So we thought that this would be the ideal time to create a Bootstrap 4 training to add to our roster of Drupal and web development courses.

The first course will be offered March 6-7 in Montreal, with a second one scheduled April 4-5 in Ottawa . For more details, read the course description. You can also get in touch with us if you want us to set up a Bootstrap training somewhere near you.