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What It's Like to Work at Evolving Web

There are countless agencies in Montreal and even more throughout North America, many of which offer similar career opportunities as Evolving Web. But here's the thing: none have Alex and Suzanne.

If you haven't noticed yet, Alex and Suzanne are Evolving Web's co-founders. They are actively engaged with every employee and have bolstered the company to exponential growth. They are friendly, approachable and are constantly looking for ways to engage with everyone, even our international colleagues. They host quarterly townhalls, online watercooler chats and even digital Pictionary!

Pictionary drawing
Digital Pictionary: can you spot the elephant?

Why am I mentioning this? Because it makes a difference.

Evolving Web operates in a very fast-paced market where we must stay on top of our game constantly. This means Suzanne and Alex must steer the team to innovate and test new technology, rethink and adapt methodologies, focus on customer satisfaction, as well as structure the agency for growth. You can imagine how busy they are. But even with their charged schedule, they still manage to prioritize company culture, personal one-on-ones and company communication. You don't see such approachable and reachable CEOs every day. It's totally refreshing!

Obviously, there are many more reasons why I love working at Evolving Web: work-life balance, remote work-friendly culture, support for career development, etc.

But when I interview candidates, I always circle around the same, honest list of what to expect when working at Evolving Web:

Very tight teams

Although we are scattered around the globe, Evolving Web employees always feel welcomed and included. We work hand-in-hand and in tight collaboration on every project. Just the other day I was chatting with my colleague in Ukraine about the Migrate Scanner Drupal module (which he developed!). I was having breakfast and he was having dinner!

Friendly atmosphere

We certainly have jokesters around here! You can expect a guaranteed smile at least once a day.

Helpful colleagues

Need help? No problem! Shoot your question on any Slack channel and expect +10 responses in a matter of seconds.

Slack screenshot of a conversation between colleagues

Fun activities

Not going to spoil this, but our Culture Club is killing it! Let’s just say it once involved Freddie Krueger 😱.

Freddie Krueger

Big-name clients

We work on projects for the most reputable organizations and are very proud of our work. I love the Tourism Quebec website we built - and even used it to plan my upcoming summer trip around the province. (Have you seen our portfolio?)

Coolest co-founders

Duh! Alex is a tech genius and likes to develop his own online tools like PuppyPaste, which I regularly use (if you are subscribed to our newsletters, you get exclusive first-hand access to these tools on a monthly basis). Suzanne is the leader of the Promote Drupal Initiative and the Drupal admin UX study. She even served on the board of the global Drupal Association for a 2-year term.

Bonus points: They were featured in the local news! Cameo at minute 2:00 mark.


Multicultural mates

We speak +15 languages and represent +14 nationalities.

Slack screenshot
We practice our French on Fridays

Savvy people

We love experiencing and testing new technology and designs. Evolving Web strongly encourages everyone to continuously learn and update their skills, from leadership to language, tech, and more.

Evolving Web is currently hiring to support our agency's exponential growth. Check our job openings, and join the team!