If you're thinking about migrating to Drupal 9, you probably made yourself this question: should I do it in-house, get help from a partner agency, or do a total agency hand-off?

This is a tough one. Making this decision depends on assessing your resources, your team's knowledge, and the amount of data you must migrate.

We created this free ebook to support your Drupal 9 migration. It's a hands-on manual that will help you assess your migrating capabilities and enable you to make informed decisions.

You'll learn:

  • The advantages of Drupal 9 and its improvements over previous versions
  • How to assess your team's knowledge and resources to build in Drupal 9
  • Your best migration option: in-house, partner agency, or agency hand-off

Who is this ebook for?

  • Web managers
  • Marketers
  • Drupal admins
  • Site builders
  • Anyone looking into building a Drupal 9-based website

Suzanne Dergacheva

About the author

Suzanne oversees Evolving’s Web’s design, user experience, and development work. She also provides in-depth Drupal training to clients and thought leadership to the Drupal community.