Powerful intranets Everyone Can Maintain

Find out why businesses are turning to Drupal for innovative intranet solutions

Powerful. Flexible. Open-source. Drupal has a host of benefits over similar platforms when it comes to building an intranet that works for your business.

Our newest white paper features five vastly different projects our team has created solutions for. Download your copy to discover first-hand how versatile Drupal is as a CMS for corporate intranets of all sorts and sizes.

What's inside:

  • Drupal backgrounder. What is Drupal, anyway? Get the quick-and-dirty overview.
  • Drupal intranet examples. Real-life Drupal intranet case studies, including McGill University's graduate application platform
  • Features and capabilities. An in-depth look at what businesses can build for their intranet with Drupal
  • First-hand knowledge. Valuable intranet design tips and insights from our highly experienced team
  • And more!


Suzanne Dergacheva

About the author

Suzanne oversees Evolving’s Web’s design, user experience, and development work. She also provides in-depth Drupal training to clients and thought leadership to the Drupal community.